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Image by Max Delsid
Image by Max Delsid


Monique Carkum Edwards

I do what I do because, as a black woman in Corporate America for over 30 years, I’m profoundly aware of the marginalization of women of color in professional spaces. 


During those 30 years, I’ve been mistaken for the secretary more times than I can count, told repeatedly how “articulate” I am, and had my salary openly questioned by white male colleagues who thought I shouldn’t earn as much as I did.


And yet I’ve savvily negotiated billions of dollars in transactions, provided legal leadership for a multi-billion dollar business unit of a Fortune 100 and served as a trusted advisor to CEOs of high growth companies.


All while keeping my soul intact.


As a spiritual leader, I’ve provided soul care to countless executive women of color who came to me doubting whether they could even continue on their professional journey and left confident they could walk their path well. 


My life’s work is to leverage all of those experiences and skills to bring black and brown executive women the pay, power, respect and peace we deserve. 


Because it’s about damn time.

~Monique Carkum Edwards

For the formal stuff, you can check out my LinkedIn profile

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