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Image by Max Delsid
Image by Max Delsid


Women of color are often the most educated and experienced, yet the least recognized and rewarded talent in Corporate America. Women of color, in particular black women, are less likely to get the support and access to opportunities necessary to advance. 


For women of color, navigating Corporate America can be an isolating and unnerving journey that leads to soul fatigue. 


Gravitas was born out of a deep desire to see racially diverse female executives get the promotion, pay and peace they deserve. 


What makes Gravitas different? 

We aren’t coaching purists, and our coaches do more than “ask powerful questions.” The Gravitas approach leverages decades of real-world executive-level experiences of coaches who are women of color. 


We get it because we’ve been there.  


And having been there, our experiences have yielded dozens of best practices. Added to that is a bit of “auntie” grace, care, wisdom and humor to make sure the soul of each of our clients is nourished. 


This blended approach of coaching, consulting and spiritual renewal delivers transformation in a sustained, soul-affirming manner. 


Why We’re Here

Gravitas exists to provide unparalleled strategic career coaching to racially diverse female executives so they get the pay, power, respect and peace they deserve. 


Our Guiding Principles 

We speak the truth in love: 

Whether it’s with a white male senior leader, or an early career stage black woman, we don’t shy away from the tough conversations. We speak hard truths with grace, affirming and respecting all involved. 


We believe in “both and,” not “either or”:

We believe executive women of color can reach their goals without compromising their souls (their authentic thoughts, feelings and actions). 


We put the executive first. Always. Every time:

Whether engaged directly by an executive or by her employer, our commitment remains unchanged: to uncompromisingly put that executive’s interest above our own. 


Our Non-negotiable Behaviors

We listen:

We don’t talk over or past our clients. We listen because what they have to say matters.  


We think:

We operate from a perspective of abundance and possibility, thinking critically and creatively. 

We act. 

We don’t “choose to be confused.” We have a bias toward considered, deliberate action in service of our female executives, even if when it’s tough.

Here at Gravitas, we are profoundly aware of the marginalization of women of color in professional spaces, particularly black women. And we stand committed and ready to do our part to end it.  

Why? Because it’s about damn time.

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