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Monique has equipped hundreds of executives with guidance and resources that motivate, empower and drive development and transformation.


Best Talks


You, Inc.

You don’t work for your boss or your company. And you’re certainly working for more than a paycheck. As the CEO of You, Inc., ownership for a rewarding career is in your hands. This session addresses the 4 key “departments” you must lead well to navigate your way to professional success.


Be Heard at Work

Tired of feeling invisible? Sick of not being heard? Constantly interrupted by colleagues? Looking to amp up your executive presence and carry the room with gravitas? Learn 7 strategies to gain R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 


How To Recession-Proof Your Career Now!

Although the typical recession only lasts about one year, its effects can wreak havoc on your wallet and career much longer. In this session, we tackle 6 proven strategies you can begin to implement today to best position your company and career, come what may.


Why Executive Presence Isn’t Enough

Communication skills are a huge part of executive presence. But to establish executive-level credibility, you need executive voice - the ability to communicate the context, strategy and relationships necessary for promotability. Learn 3 approaches to develop your executive voice and fully demonstrate your value.

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