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GROW To Get Unstuck

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

I spend a few days each month with executives from high-growth tech companies resolving their most pressing business issues.

Need to work through a tough business, professional or personal issue, but having a hard time figuring out where to start?

Try the GROW problem solving model:

G: What’s the GOAL? State as specifically as you can your desired outcome.

R: What’s the current REALITY? What’s happening now? What have you already tried? What resources do you have/need?

O: What are the current OBSTACLES? Identify them and develop a game plan to eliminate, minimize or mitigate each of them.

O: What are your OPTIONS? List as many alternatives and ideas as you can. Evaluate the pros and cons of each.

W: What’s the WAY FORWARD? Rank your options from most to least desirable and convert the best one into action steps toward your goal.


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