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You Need a Personal Elevator Pitch

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

I capped off yesterday with a group of phenomenal business leaders helping them perfect their elevator pitches for key corporate initiatives. 

You Need a Personal Elevator Pitch

But elevator pitches aren’t just for executives trying to get stakeholder buy-in or entrepreneurs seeking VC funding.

As a professional, you need a personal elevator pitch – a short description of the position you hold and why it matters, one that captures attention by promoting the professional value you offer. 

Yes, it’s self promotion. Yes, you need to do it, and do it well. 

Try these 5 things for a great personal elevator pitch:

1. Keep it short and interesting.

2. Focus on the outcomes and results you deliver. 

3. Make those outcomes relatable and memorable. 

4. Give your full name, but not upfront. 

5. Realize you need different versions of your pitch for different settings.

At your next company cocktail party, your CEO asks who are you and what do you do. “I lead the client support center that’s driven customer retention up 20% in 6 months. My name is Brittany Cohen.” is way more impactful than “I’m Brittany Cohen and I’m the call center director.”

At your next networking function, you might be tempted to lead with “Hi. I’m Brittany Cohen and I’m the Director of the Client Service Center for XYZ Inc.” Nothing wrong with that, except you’ll be forgotten in about 2.5 seconds. Instead try, “Ever call a customer support center needing help, but end the call more frustrated and confused than you began it? I lead the client satisfaction center for XZY Inc. to make sure that doesn’t happen to our clients. I’m Brittany Cohen.” Way more memorable.

Whether for your CEO or a potential employer at a career conference, your elevator pitch is your chance to demonstrate the value you create for your company, clients and/or shareholders. Make it impactful and memorable. 


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